14/18 march - pad. 3.0 stand C85
ISH 2017
Flaminia and design applied to bathroom furniture

Flaminia, a high-end brand specialising in ceramic sanitary ware, continues to play a leading role in giving shape to new interior design trends with its participation at Ish, the biennial trade fair for bathroom products and heating systems held in Frankfurt from 14 to 18 March. Season after season, the bathroom environment is remodelled in terms of dimensions and styling to acquire absolute significance in today's vision of home design, of which Flaminia is one of the foremost interpreters, thanks to its unique expertise and longstanding collaborations with world-renowned designers.

Designed by Giulio Cappellini, who has brought to Flaminia his ability to reconcile innovative design and flawless manufacturing, Flaminia's installation at the trade fair extends over a large area and enables the company to create a rich and articulate narrative, where design and aesthetics are intertwined. Next to the products making their debut at Ish, we find a selection of iconic projects styled by Jasper Morrison, Nendo, Giulio Cappellini, as well as new proposals born of advanced technological research.

On Flaminia's stand at Ish, the products are arranged in a conceptual space where a highly sophisticated arrangement of alternating blue and sand hues highlights the collections and reveals, of each product, the stylistic peculiarities, the design solutions and the chromatic features. Different environments come one after the other with nonchalance and the world of Flaminia finds expression in all of its aspects. In a stylistic mix and match, Flaminia unveils the versatility of its creations for the bathroom, and presents, next to its design proposals, an exclusive section dedicated to Flaminia Archivio, the company division specialising in furnishing solutions drawing their inspiration from the past. Traditional shapes are evoked and reinterpreted in washbasins, toilet bowls and bidets that fit perfectly in a classical setting. The purity of the lines and full attention to decorative detail are exalted in a space characterised by a black & white chequered motif, where the newly designed Efi WC bowls and bidets stand out in their back-to-wall and suspended versions.

Flaminia narrates the complexity of its product line-up, as befits a design and lifestyle brand that is definitely recognisable and can boast a global and versatile range, designed to provide the appropriate styling for all types of architecture while retaining the value of originality of each individual project. Designed by Jasper Morrison, an undisputed master for his highly refined design poetics, the Bonola collection renews itself with new proposals, such as the oval-shaped countertop washbasin. Complex and at the same time quintessential is the creativity of Nendo, that designed for Flaminia the Roll and Pinch collections,both of them on display at Ish with new renditions of the original idea. The fascination of geometry and the perfection of its forms fuel the inspiration of Giulio Cappellini, who unveils his new Miniwash basins with and without tap openings, proposed in conjunction with the Wash 150 bathtub and the Monowash basin in a free standing version.

Among the new products on display we should also mention: the Bloom washbasins, designed by Angeletti - Ruzza, and characterised by a bathtub with spacious side supports, the IO 2.0 suspended WC bowl and bidet by Duringer and Rosini. Contributing to enhance the atmospheres of the environments proposed at the trade fair are Flaminia's lines of bathroom accessories and taps, the mirrors making up the Simple collection, the Compono System containers, and the Make-Up ceramic lamps designed by Paola Navone.

Confirming its role of absolute significance in Italy's manufacturing tradition, Flaminia has combined its craftsmanship know-how with the most advanced technological research, as it keeps investing in the development of innovative patents that can ensure the highest standards of comfort. An outcome of these activities is the goclean® system, which achieves improved domestic hygiene without sacrificing elegance and style. At ISH, it is presented on some of the WC bowls on display. With this cutting-edge solution, Flaminia is able to present the most highly refined toilet bowls without rim currently available on the market. After its debut on the App and Link toilet bowls, the system has now been extended to the ceramic bowls of the Io 2.0, Bonola, Nile and Pinch collections. Also reconfirmed is the success of the App goclean® collection, proposed in Frankfurt in its new Fango colour variant, in a totally blue space that welcomes the visitor as though to a box, for an extraordinary sensory experience.

A long-standing protagonist of Flaminia's collections, colour makes a come back in the Water Drop shower trays by Luca Cimarra, now offered in many different sizes, and is exalted by the concentric wave pattern that has contributed to the success of this collection. After the matte nuances of Nuvola and Fango, the ceramic has acquired new metallic finishes, with Bronzo (“Bronze”) and Ghisa (“Cast Iron”) variants. The colours of the ceramic products, selected to obtain the most refined and attractive hues, give a fresh image to the Saltodacqua project by Hsiang-Heng Hsiao: a washbasin whose pure, smooth profile, underscored by its slender forms, evokes the shapes of ancient eastern teacups.

Once again, Flaminia shows its ongoing commitment to the search for functional and trendsetting solutions for high-end sanitary ware and becomes an ambassador of Italian-made products. The collections born of the encounter between stylistic trends, technological innovation and top-quality manufacturing are the result of the passion with which the company creates its products, which are produced exclusively in Italy.