23/27 september 2019 - Bologna
Design, rich colours and environmental sustainability get the lead roles

Design and sustainability are intertwined in the refined interior design story that Flaminia presents in Cersaie, the annual rendezvous with excellence in ceramic ware, to take place in Bologna from 23 to 27 September. Conceived by Giulio Cappellini, art director of the brand for over 15 years, the concept of the exhibition offers visitors an enthralling experience, with aesthetic contents that embody the values of the company.

A rain forest gets across the eco-sustainable message that Flaminia has promoted consistently for many years. The ethical awareness of the company, in fact, translates into an incessant commitment to the environment and the land where it operates, with the aim of supporting production and the economy at local level, as well as promoting the wellbeing of the workers. With this spirit, Flaminia is an ambassador for the excellence of Italian-made products in the world.

An immersive and scenic itinerary, punctuated by trees and water pools, showcases Flaminia’s most significant collections. An overhead catwalk, made of 10% recyclable Novowood slats with a honeycomb structure, and an artful interplay of lights, guide the visitors through a magic natural world, where the products become architectural details, with a strong sculptural quality.

Great classics, such as Link, Bonola, App and more recent creations, such as NudaFlat and Settecento, illustrate the brand’s ability to interpret the latest trends in interior design. Nature is a source of inspiration even in the choice of colours, an element that Flaminia views as an intrinsic component of the product: the colours exceed their decorative purposes and become protagonists of the design project. Green hues and earth tones provide the background for the environment of the stand. Other distinctive colours – Latte, Argilla, Fango, Nuvola, Rosso Rubens and Petrolio – accentuate the shapes of the pieces on display. The fascination of this ancestral, luxuriant world, uncontaminated and markedly contemporary, is immortalised in a short movie that captures the attention of those who come close to the exhibition space, and becomes the eco-sustainable manifesto of the brand.

Another area of the stand, set up In the guise of a huge shop window, is divided into four single-colour sections made with Progetto Materia resins, hosting Bonola, the iconic collection by Jasper Morrison, Madre, a captivating line with a retro appeal, the App and NudaSlim solutions, and Flag, proposals now making their debut. In a sequence of emotions, this area illustrates the company’s ability to meet any furnishing requirement. In this case too, colour, interpreted in the soft and textured nuances of Latte (milky white), Argilla (light tan) and Grafite (graphite black), and an original finish combining two matte nuances in the same product, conjure up an ever changing scenery.

Lastly, the collection of light fixtures presented by Flaminia’s Lighting Division defines the atmosphere of a lounge designed with relaxation in mind and furnished with Filo, a new line of consoles and shelves, consisting of natural colour or matte-black stainless steel wire elements supporting samecolour glass shelves.

At Cersaie, Flaminia gives an emotional narration about the identity of the company and the values of the project that, in the course of 65 years of history, have completely transformed the habits of living and the experience of wellbeing in the bathroom environment.