The brand debuts at Euroluce with its new lighting proposals
Flaminia Lighting

For the first time ever, Flaminia participates in an event dedicated to lighting and officially launches its Flaminia Lighting (new division). Ceramics, with its fascination and versatility, is fashioned to give life to a collection of lighting fixtures. Making an innovative use of this traditional material, Flaminia designers created highly attractive products, characterised by a rich colour choice that has always been one of the salient features of Flaminia’s approach to interior design.

At the trade fair, a highly evocative exhibition space houses the new light fixtures by Flaminia Lighting. The environments, characterised by the dark blue-green hues used to distinguish the communication of this Division, have been designed by Giulio Cappellini to offer visitors an intense, immersive experience.

The earthy feel of ceramics gives the volumes a timeless beauty, the lamps become architectural elements with a strong stylistic component. The purity of White, the metallic depth of Graphite sparkle in their reflections in the glossy finishes, the tactile quality of the matte surfaces discovers a neo-retro fascination in the Milky hues while it reveals its glamorous soul in the Gold and Platinum colouring. The rhythm of this emotional experience is determined by the iconic shapes of Make-Up, the project styled by Paola Navone, the pure and polished forms of Saltodacqua, the self-standing and ceiling mounted lamp designed by Hsiang- Heng Hsiao drawing inspiration from ancient eastern teacups, as well as by the light fixtures making up the Lux collection born of the creativity of Patrick Norguet, which brings to mind the atmospheres of the industrial towns of the early 20th century.