Certified pursuant to UN EN ISO 14.001:2004

Since 2005, the company has operated an industrial waste management system conforming to the applicable regulations, which has enabled it to obtain the environmental management certification.

Treatment of process water

Ceramic process water is treated and conditioned for reuse in the production cycle.

Recycling of packaging materials

Discarded packaging materials (paper, cardboard, plastic and wood) are collected separately and handed over to specialist recycling and salvage centres.

Salvaging gypsum moulds

End-of-life gypsum moulds are transported to an ad hoc structure in Civita Castellana, a consortium operated by the Centro Ceramica, where gypsum is separated from plastic and metal parts, crushed and sold to be used as a raw material in other manufacturing processes.

12,000 m2 of photovoltaic panels

In 2012, the concrete-asbestos roofing of the plant in Civita Castellana was replaced with a metal structure topped by a photovoltaic system made of flexible laminates and extending over a total area of ca 12,000 m2.


Donation of machines to Ospedale Andosilla

In 2005, a complete ultrasound equipment was donated to the Civita Castellana hospital.

Supply of sanitary ware to public middle school Dante Alighieri

The lavatories used by the students attending public middle school “Dante Alighieri” were partly restructured and equipped with new bathroom fixtures.

Supply of furniture to I.T.S. Colasanti

High school I.T.S. “Colasanti” was provided with the furniture necessary to set up a new dental laboratory.



Patronage of the Civita Festival

For many years the company has sponsored the Civita Festival, a cultural event with a primary focus on music, organised by the city administration in Civita Castellana every summer since the early 1990s.


The company sponsored the publication of the following books:

1) Cimarra L., Petroselli F., Proverbi e detti proverbiali della Tuscia Viterbese, Viterbo 2001.

2) Galli F., Terra di Tuscia. Luoghi e tradizioni, Viterbo 2002.

3) Tronti F., “Personale al completo”. L’industria Civitonica al tempo della crisi, Civita Castellana 2010.

4) Cimarra L., Vocabolario del dialetto di Civita Castellana, Castel Sant’Elia 2010.

5) Insalaco M. et al., Through Foreign Eyes. Con gli occhi degli artisti stranieri a Civita Castellana, Civita Castellana 2012.

6) Guglielmo L., Tronti F., Veterane. Storie di donne e di fabbrica, Civita Castellana 2013.


The company contributed to the sponsorship of an international conference: Convegno internazionale di studi sulla Cattedrale Cosmatesca di Civita Castellana (18-19 September 2010).


The company organised a conference held on 7 May 2005 by Professor Salvatore Abbruzzese (Università degli Studi di Trento), entitled: “Capitale sociale e capitale umano: il caso di Civita Castellana”, on the development of the ceramic industry in the area and the phenomenon of workers-entrepreneurs.


In 2005, on the occasion of the initiatives celebrating the 50th anniversary of the foundation, the company provided the funds to stage “50 Lire,” a play by and with Ferdinando Vaselli, about the life of the people working in the local ceramic plants in the 1950s.




From 2005 to 2013 the company sponsored professional cycling team “Ceramica Flaminia,” which competed in some of the most important races at national and international level. In 2008 a team member, Filippo Simeoni, took the Italian professional championship title.


Since 2008 the company has sponsored the activity of the Civita Castellana “Flaminia” soccer club, which plays in the national amateur championship. It is one of the very few soccer teams to have taken the name of its sponsor.


From 2003 to 2007, the company sponsored a number of crews competing in the Italian and European Touring Car championships, and the BMW M3 “Flaminia” secured the championship title in 2005.


The presence of the company in the world of nautical sports dates back to 2002, when it participated in the Italian and European Offshore and Endurance championships with two boats. From then on, until 2006, it competed with one boat in the Offshore world championship with excellent results.